Team Building Area

Team Building Area

These activities are designed to foster group co-operation and communication. Teams are presented with small challenges where they are required to collectively think of a solution, create a plan and put that plan into action. For best results, teams should be split up and allowed to complete an activity without other teams witnessing how the problems are solved.
Commando course

Commando Course

​The commando course was designed by Geoff Skudder and built by the Whangaroa Service Club. The obstacle course can be used in a variety of ways to develop team work, physical fitness and strength, communication and/or confidence. This area is situated on the eastern side of the park, past Lodges 1 and 2 and requires close supervision. Activity guidelines/rules may be modified to suit student ability/age and your specific goals.
Confidence activities

Confidence Activities

​This course is designed to increase self-confidence. It is set amongst the large native trees in the bush area, using the bush setting as an experiential learning environment. These activities provide opportunities for individual enterprise, adventure and challenge.
Blindfold course

Blindfold Course

​This course is designed to encourage language development, the giving of clear and concise instructions, listening to others and following instructions.

It also encourages trust – to put your trust in others. Participants work in pairs where one is blindfolded and holds onto the rope, while their partner proceeds to give explicit instructions as they work their way around the course.



​At Lonsdale Park, we have located 20 controls using features on the map (two controls are in the bush). In its simplest form, orienteering could be likened to a treasure hunt using the legend on the map rather than verbal clues to find the “treasures”.

The maps are available to download on the ‘Useful Information‘ page.


Nature Trail

The nature trail is a short, flat trail that follows a set route through the bush reserve.

The trail has 11 study stations at different focal points along the way, that are bush environment specific and encourage “Trail Blazers” to stop, look, listen and feel.


Hiking Trail

The hike is approximately 8km. With a mid-day break for practical camp craft, swim, and a cook-out lunch, this hike takes between 5 or 6 hours (with activities) and includes 3 river crossings.


Orange triangles mark the entrance and exit gates, and the track. Please notify the caretaker the night before you intend to do the hike. ​Entrance to the hike is a 1km walk from the park.